Tropical Timberland Management in Nicaragua

Our passion is planting trees.

  • Timber investments are completely scaleable.
  • Our company has years of experience in all necessary forestry services from the acquisition of land to extraction and harvest.
  • Our milling and export operations in Managua ensure the maximum return from timber assets when they reach maturity.
  • We operate in a familiar area where our people have decades of personal and professional contacts.
  • SW Nicaragua provides perfect growing conditions for teak and native hardwoods.
  • Land and Labor costs are significantly less than Costa Rica or Panama, or anywhere else in the Americas.
  • Nicaraguas government is committed to reversing centuries of deforestation and to the restoration of the Nicaraguan forest. Policies and laws favor the forestry business and investment in reforestation.

Long Term Strategy

Timber particularly suitable for SEP, retirement funds, or other long-term positions..

  • Tropical hardwood growth cycles run 20-25 years, consistent with most retirement, pension, or long-term investment objective
  • The initial investment is relatively large, but the subsequent annual investment is minimal.
  • In years 8-16 thinning begins, the plantation becomes self-sustaining & begins to provide revenue.
  • Timber is an excellent way to diversify any portfolio, a feature particularly attractive after the recent collapse of the typical equity investment portfolio.


Rainforest nursery in Greytown, RAAN, Nicaragua

Rainforest nursery in Greytown, RAAN, Nicaragua